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Poster Frames Of The Artistic Nature

Posters are powerful tools. Posters have been used for eons to impart information to passersby and many passersby have been very grateful for the information. Posters are an efficient way of imparting knowledge to others in a quick and powerful way. Posters are typically large and contain anywhere from a few words to a litany of text.

Posters can be traced as far back as the 15th Century when artisans were printing by hand posters that would give information to those who passes by. Perhaps this could be called the first newspaper. Up to this point the local town crier gave the news. This was an individual who would stroll through the town and verbalize the information for all to hear. The first posters actually were created with poster frames. These were the picture kind.

Interestingly Michel Papillon did the first traceable poster, which we can trace because he signed his posters. Papillon drew boarders and essentially created poster frames or the framing of posters through graphics. This was in 1539. From there we see posters progressing to Paris in 1628 when Theophraste Renaudot, a French protestant who created his Bureau D'Adresses. He listed small advertisements and indexed suppliers and buyers of various products. This perhaps sounds like a phone book but it was more about advertising, which is what posters actually do. Posters inform the public. That is what Renaudot was doing. It had become the norm to include poster frames, the graphic ones on posters. The earlier posters were quite graphic in nature. The messages were there but elaborate decorations were part of the culture and the attention to detail that were included in poster frames. In 1789 the French Revolution caused an explosion in the area of communications, which then fed the need for more and more posters.

The more natural creators of posters were the graphic artists. They were able to not only draw the poster frames along the edges but they could do this with attention to detail and an artistic flare. This also spilled over into the actual text of the posters. The letters, especially those at the beginning of the text and the paragraphs, were elaborate drawings.

Some poster frames were created as a focus of the poster to draw attention to the poster. Other poster frames were created to tell a story as the graphics became more and more elaborate. The evolution of graphic poster frames has run the gamete, so to speak. We see less of the attention on the graphic poster frames in this day in age and more on the poster frames that actually frame the poster for hanging.

As the poster frames evolved over the ages these were vividly affected by the societal norms as well as fads and notions. What we mean by this is that in the earlier centuries the attention to detail and artistic ability promoted poster frames to a level of art. It was actually a part of the first information revolution or the explosion of communications.

Fast-forward into the next few centuries after the French Revolution and we see less artistic poster frames and more generic posters. As the focus began to be drawn to the actual physical poster frames we see less focus on the artistic dimension of poster frames. It has had an impact on the art of posters. For a few decades now we have not really seen artistic posters. With the exception of the hippie age of the 60s where there were flowers on everything. That probably cannot be defined as poster frames because there was no frame the whole posters were covered in flowers and psychedelic patterns. \

It is almost as if we have come full circle with poster frames. However, we are not drawing poster frames free-hand as much as we are creating them through computer software. We can create elaborate poster frames with the right software and a few click of the buttons. This is like having an artist at our beck and call.

Posters have come a long way since the 15th Century. We have seen poster frames evolve as posters have evolved with the times and yet many things remain the same. We still want our poster frames, whether these are graphic and or actually physical frames used to hang the posters. Both have been essential in the evolution of posters.

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