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Accenting Your D├ęcor: Types of Poster Frames

Having wall hangings that accent your home is one that can provide you with a better look to any area of the home. However, there is no complete wall hanging without having the poster frames to help your pictures to look their best. If you are trying to find the perfect look to accent your walls, than knowing what types of poster frames are available will allow you to find the perfect touch to the art and posters that you are putting throughout your home. Knowing where to begin when defining the accents that you need will ensure that you are able to get the best look for your home.

When you begin to look into poster frames, you will notice a difference in what is available because of the different types that are offered. These will be divided into several categories, all which are based off of the looks and styles. Knowing the difference between the types of poster frames will then allow you to have the best options for looks to your home and your wall, while allowing you to get even more out of the poster that you are looking into.

The first set of poster frames that are available will be divided by specific colors that are available. You will want to combine the colors of the poster frames with both the color of the poster and the wall that you will be hanging the poster on. This should work as a color that will blend in with both sides of the poster, while allowing the piece of art or the poster to stand out from the colors that it has in it. Finding neutral colors for the poster frames, combined with colors that will work in order to enhance the picture will also provide you with a way of enjoying more of the picture. For instance, if you want to make sure that the frame doesn't get in the way with color, than picking a black, white or brown coloring will allow you to get the best look. Other colors will need to be used according to the picture that you are hanging up.

Another set with the poster frames is the combination of the thickness of each side of the frame. This will be based on the type of frame that you are getting. Some will be thinner in size, and will simply work as an accent to the poster. Others will have a thicker look, such as one to two inches, and will allow you to have a specific look to the poster frames that is based on a thicker accent from the poster frames you are looking at. With these styles, you will be able to find a secondary option to help to compliment the art that you are framing and the poster style that you are getting.

While you are looking at the thickness of the poster frames, you can also consider looking at the decorations that the frames may have. Most types of poster frames will be more simplistic and will be a straight texture. However, there are also some options that will include ornamentation or specific looks that will combine the look of the art in the poster with extra styles that are around the frame. Everything from a small pattern that is carved into the poster frames to colorful extras can be added around the edges to the frame. With these parts of the frames you can find anything from extra sequins or beads that are added on, to simple colors that are in the frame. There are also other types of ornaments that will be carved into the frame in order to add a specific touch.

The next part of the poster frames that will change the style will be based on the type of material that will be used for the frame. Depending on the type of poster that you are getting, and what you need for durability, you will be able to find several options for this. The most common type of material for poster frames is with plastic that will be placed around the edges of the poster. However, there may also be differences in the material with wood sides, iron or metal and other types of edgings that will create a different texture to the art that you are hanging.

It is not only the edges that you will want to look at with the poster frames, but will also want to look into the types of poster frames with the materials that will cover the poster. This will allow the poster to stay protected and will offer extras in order to help with more of a look over the poster. Typically, the materials that will cover the poster will be either a plastic or a glass look. With both of these, there will be the ability to keep the poster in the best shape while offering it a certain amount of protection from the elements that may damage the poster.

If you have found what these best options are with the poster frames, than you will want to continue by finding the fit for the poster that you are getting. There will be different sizes for different posters, all which will differ according to the size of the poster. Typically, you will find mattes that will go inside of the poster frames, as well as the outer edge of the poster, which will be slightly larger than the poster itself. Making sure that you match the right size of the picture to the right size of the poster frames will ensure that you are getting the best look for the pictures that you have.

Whether you are hanging up a print of art or your favorite superheroes, you can find even more with having the right poster frames. Knowing the styles that are available so that you can get the right accent that will fit around your poster will also provide you with the capability of enjoying the look of your poster and keeping it protected. By knowing your types of poster frames, you will then be able to add in more to the look of your rooms.

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